Advanced Solutions for Aerospace Part Manufacturing
Produce high-quality parts faster with integrated manufacturing.

The aerospace industry is expected to experience continued growth in most segments for the foreseeable future.

The challenge for the aerospace manufacturers is to deliver products that meet all the technical and performance requirements at cost and on schedule. To stay competitive, OEMs and their suppliers need to continuously optimize the manufacturing process and increase productivity.

Join us for an informative webinar to learn more about the essentials for excellence in aerospace manufacturing. Discover how NX™ for manufacturing can help you increase your productivity and maximize your competitive advantage.

The integrated NX system for CAD/CAM/CMM enables efficient manufacturing of next generation aerospace parts, with:

Right synchronization. Drive the process with a single model.
Right ingenuity. Prepare jobs with proven know-how.
Right insight. Maximize efficiency of machining.
Right control. Connect planning to production.
Register today and see for yourself how NX can help you achieve your manufacturing and business goals.

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